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Writing a successful book is a lengthy journey. Don't go it alone.

Join a community of 200+ determined nonfiction authors to get unstuck, get feedback, and keep moving. The Useful Authors community is composed of both first-time and experienced authors, who are writing about every type of topic, from nutrition to node.js.

The community is $30 a month. Members have access to a wealth of support including:


Weekly Writing Accountability Groups and goal-setting keep you on track.

Feedback and Q&A

Access to our private authors’ community and the support of 200+ determined authors.

Learning & knowledge

Monthly live events with amazing guest speakers, plus a growing knowledgebase of best practices.

fig 1 —Community Q&A with
April Dunford and
Rob Fitzpatrick
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The community provides a specific, detailed, and modern approach to writing, improving, beta testing, launching, and marketing a book. Applying these concepts helped my book, Product-Led Onboarding to become a #1 best-seller in its Amazon categories. Do yourself a favor - join this commuinty!
Picture of Ramli John
Ramli Johnwrote Product-Led Onboarding
Wanted to say this morning's group was super productive! I got some writing done that would otherwise not have gotten done. I'm officially well over 20K words today. Got about 1000 more words done this morning after the live session. Love this group!
Picture of Amy McKnight
Amy McKnightwriting a new book
Joining this community has accelerated both my writing and my productivity. The weekly sessions—talking to other authors about my goals, and even just making the time—have been so helpful for reaching and staying in flow state.
Picture of Ben Sauer
Ben Sauerwriting Pitching Strong Designs


Hardcover edition of Write Useful Books
fig 2 —The book

Writing great nonfiction is hard.

If you want your book to thrive, you need a better process than “write, publish, and pray.” Creating useful nonfiction is an iterative, data-driven, and reader-centric process. Write Useful Books is our manifesto and simple operating guide on how great nonfiction is created.

Immediately practical, eminently insightful, tried and tested, Fitzpatrick has written a book worth its weight in gold. Write Useful Books is the definitive guide for the next generation of bestselling nonfiction authors.
Picture of Nir Eyal
Nir Eyalbestselling author of Hooked and Indistractable


Getting useful feedback on a manuscript is a lot of work. So we built the app we needed.

Beta reading is the most impactful stage of creating a successful book.

No more Word docs in email, weird Google permissions, or weird book formats. Just a focused space for your readers to get early access to your book and give you useful, actionable feedback.

fig 3 —The app
Example beta reading dashboard
I've only gotten feedback from a couple of people so far, but I am ADDICTED. It seems wild that some authors don't do this. I've already gotten such great feedback, confirming suspicions I had myself.
Picture of Jesse J. Anderson
Jesse J. Andersonwriting about ADHD
I now can't imagine trying to get feedback on the book without this product, so you've definitely done something right!
Picture of Alice Bentinck
Alice Bentinckwriting How to Be a Founder

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